Sid Meier playable in XCOM: Enemy Unknown

We all know Sid Meier as game designer extraodinaire and founder of both MicroProse and Firaxis. 
Now, thanks to a sneaky reveal that 2K Games were good enough to show us, we will soon know him as videogame character. The videogame icon appears in the later portions of the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown as the leader of the elite ‘Reaper’ Squad. 
Dubbed, Sid ‘Godfather’ Meier he’s got the balding head, the stark eyes and the mind control powers that we’ve all come to know and love. Well, the mind control thing may be unique to XCOM…
Unfortunately, we’ve not yet got any images or videos of the ‘Godfather’ in action. Just keep an eye on the E3 demo, that’s all we’re saying.
However, you can read more about his inclusion (and more) in today’s hands-on preview of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

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