Siege of Centauri coming out of Early Access on Sept 12

We previewed Siege of Centauri earlier this year as it launched in Early Access on Steam. In spite of a few flaws, the verdict was of a game that could develop into an excellent tower defense strategy game. Now, just a few months after it entered Early Access, Stardock Entertainment has announced that it will move on to its official release.

In Siege of Centauri, you will defend your colony against relentless waves of thousands of enemies. In that sense, it’s a standard tower defense game. However, it includes a campaign where you will follow the story of Earth’s defenders and progress through increasingly difficult scenarios in a mission to protect the colony at all costs. There are dozens of upgrades available for defense towers. As the player, you must make important decisions regarding how to best equip defenses on each map.

Siege of Centauri modding and beyond

Lead designer Derek Paxton had this to say about the upcoming release: “With tens of thousands of enemy machines pouring toward your base, we wanted to give players a very new experience of what it means to defend themselves against overwhelming odds. In addition, we’ve incorporated several strategic elements into the genre, including defending resources and deploying rapid response teams to battle. Our goal was to provide players with difficult choices about which areas to defend and which areas to let go, leading to greater strategic depth.”

You will also be able to create your own missions with the Scenario Workshop, and upload them to Steam Workshop. “It’s always been important for us here at Stardock to put customization into the hands of the players. Now, people who have always wanted to design their own tower defense games can create their own maps and missions,” Paxton explained. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make your own scenarios, check out the Modder’s Guide.

Siege of Centauri is still available in Early Access on Steam for $14.99 and will release on Sept. 12. You can also purchase it directly from Stardock. For more information, visit the official website.

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