sierra logo

Yep, that’s Sierra alright.

Activision has remembered that it has the Sierra brand name in its back catalogue and plans to do … something with it. A succinctly named website called has appeared online, accompanied by a short logo video and lots of Activision legal markings.

There’s also a ‘Gamescom 2014′ logo in the bottom left hand corner which, as all you budding Sherlocks in the crowd will no doubt recognise, is what we in the games press called a bleedin’ obvious clue.

It’s not a clue that reveals all that much, however. Other than to expect Activision to be doing something with the Sierra name (which they tried so hard to kill off following acquisition in 2008).

So, speculation time. The worst and most horrifying situation would, of course, be that the publisher just wants to port a bunch of old Sierra titles to iOS and mobile. A wonderful and lovely situation would be HD PC versions of lots of classic games and the prospect of new Police Quest, Gabriel Knight games and so on. Assuming Sierra still owns some of those licenses.

Who knows, maybe Activision want Sierra to be a label name under which to release lots of amazing, experimental indie games that aren’t Call of Duty or Destiny? It looks like we’ll have to wait for a proper Gamescom reveal to know what’s going on here.

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