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Back from the dead, again.

The return of Sierra as a publishing label under Activision’s stern gaze will begin with two releases; one rather more surprising than the other. Let’s start with the surprising one: Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions.

Platforms for Geometry Wars 3 haven’t been announced at this point, beyond “more platforms than ever before” which, given Sierra’s intent to release games on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam I’m going to take as a nod towards a PC version. Now, the Geometry Wars series has always been made by Bizarre Creations in the past, and Bizarre had a pretty terrible history with Activision.

Despite this, Lucid Games (a developer formed from former Bizarre staff) has agreed to work with the publisher again for Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Maybe the Sierra name acting as a middle man convinced them? I don’t know. Either that or they’re desperate to make a new Geometry Wars (who wouldn’t be?) and this was the only way.

The less surprising, but still interesting, announcement is a new King’s Quest game. This was somewhat expected given the nature of the Sierra tease last week, and the cancellation of Telltale’s plans for a King’s Quest title. Handling this one will be The Odd Gentlemen, the people behind The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom.) Again, platforms haven’t yet been confirmed, but if a new King’s Quest isn’t on PC I will increase my hat budget purely for the purpose of buying and consuming a hat.

Both titles are due to be released “this holiday season” which usually means “around November.” Other Sierra-branded titles are planned for 2015.

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