Sifu 2022 roadmap reveals new outfits, difficulty options, and an arena mode

Sifu 2022 Roadmap New Outfits Difficulty Options 1

So, you’ve defeated your foes and secured your honor in Sifu. But that doesn’t mean the journey is over. Developer Sloclap recently patched in Chinese voice support, as well as some needed fixes. However, that was just the first step on the warrior’s journey. Sifu has received a content roadmap for 2022, with the first update bringing new outfits and difficulty options as soon as May 3. There are three additional seasons worth of content also heading your way.

Sifu is a damn hard game, and some players have asked for difficulty options. In a week, players can choose to play in ‘Student,’ ‘Disciple,’ or ‘Master’ difficulty. There will also be an advanced training option. Sloclap hasn’t provided much detail on either, but I assume that the default difficulty we’ve had will be either Disciple or Master. The Spring update also comes with an Outfit Selection option, with the sharp Wude outfit displayed in the Twitter announcement. Deluxe Edition owners will get an exclusive suit, which is basically the protagonist dressed up as a character from Yakuza.


The roadmap shows more coming to Sifu later in 2022. In the summer, the game is getting advanced scoring, gameplay modifiers, and more outfits. The modifiers will allow you to change up the usual gameplay, such as removing the guard ability or adding bullet time. A replay editor, as well as more modifiers and outfits, are coming in the fall. Finally, winter brings an ‘Arenas’ game mode, with even more outfits and modifiers.

Kick. Punch. It’s all in the mind

All the updates detailed in the Sifu roadmap, including the outfits and difficulty options, are going for free. Sloclap, in today’s Twitter post, also mentioned it’s “working on an upgrade bundle” for those who bought the standard edition of the game and want to change to Deluxe. More details on that, and everything mentioned above, are on the way.

Sifu 2022 Roadmap New Outfits Difficulty Options 2

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