Sifu Fight Club Gameplay Trailer Release Date

If you grew up watching Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies along with playing fighting games, or better yet, started practicing martial arts, you’re sure to have some interest in Sifu. This upcoming fighting game from indie developer Sloclap puts the power of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu in your hands and lets you fight your way to reveng- er, justiceĀ against a group of assassin’s that killed your family. That sure got dark.

Sifu was announced back in February this year, but it didn’t take the developers long to backtrack and delay the release date. We’re not saying that they broke our hearts or anything, but they totally did. The style and fluid combat has a way of inducing love at first sight. At any rate, it’s still far from release, and we still have yet to see how the game will really play. The latest Fight Club gameplay demo is a reassuring sign at least.


Kick, kick, pow

The Fight Club gameplay teaser contains exactly what the name suggests. There’s a bunch of kicking the crap out of enemies in urban settings. The trailer shows off the combat options to an extent, as well as some of the enemies that will show up to try and kick your butt. It’s all flashy stuff, and the way the camera moves with the punches is particularly dynamic. There’s definitely a degree of scripted attacks going on, but nothing seems too unreasonable to recreate in your own experiences.

Another aspect of the trailer builds upon how your character ages and increases their skills over time. After all, the word sifu translates to master in Cantonese. And masters typically ain’t young. Get wise so you don’t get wrecked. It’s unclear as to how or if your age will affect the narrative at this point. These elements may go along together in some fashion.

The release window for Sifu is confirmed for early 2022, but an exact release date has not been decided upon yet. That leaves it pretty open ended, but that should give the developers the time they need to figure out exactly when the game will be done without delivering bad news of additional delays. Sifu will be available on PC via the Epic Games Store when it launches. When an exact release is confirmed for Sifu, we’ll let you know.

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