Sifu Steam Arenas Mode Helipad

After the release of the third title update for Sifu on December 8, it seemed safe to assume that we would have to wait a few more months before the next update. As it turns out, however, developer Sloclap had one more surprise for us this month — technically two. First, Sifu will get a Steam release next year at last, so PC players no longer have to buy it exclusively on the Epic Games Store. But for those who already own the game, the second surprise will undoubtedly be more significant. This surprise comes in the form of a new mode called Arenas in which players can further sharpen their skills.

Alongside this double announcement, Sloclap shared a teaser trailer that briefly shows the Arenas mode in action. It depicts the protagonist fighting in all sorts of areas not found in the main game, such as a completely darkened hallway, a large green void, and a helipad. As of right now, Sloclap has not explained the exact rules of this new mode. However, we can safely conclude that it will see players taking on waves of enemies in closed-off arenas rather than the extensive levels of the main campaign.

Your efforts will not go unrewarded

Sloclap briefly went over the rewards that players can receive for conquering the mode’s various challenges. These include a wealth of new modifiers, about as many as the game has currently, along with “alternative moves to the Kung Fu palette of our main character.” Additionally, players can unlock more cheats as well as new outfits to try on.

The announcement of both the Steam release and the Arenas mode comes as probably the best Sifu news we have received in a while. The Arenas mode in particular will no doubt catch the attention of fans, as many of them have both requested and waited for this feature ever since the game’s release.

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