Signalis 5 Lock Door Key Puzzle Guide Water Key Air Key Gold Key Feat

Once you reach the third floor of the facility in Signalis, Elster loses the ID card that’s used to access it. And, as you go further, you’ll discover a mechanism that requires a bunch of important items. Here’s our Signalis 5-Lock Door guide to help you find the Water Key, Air Key, Gold Key, and more.

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Signalis: 5-Lock Door and Keys guide

This floor is called B3 – New Medical Ward. The Reception room has a save point and storage chest, as well as the shotgun. North of that is a computer which is used for the Blank Key puzzle (we’ll get to that eventually).

The goal, at least for now, is to see the 5-Lock Door in Signalis, which is in the Waiting Room. You can check the other corridors to grab items and ammo, if you want, but our guide will mostly focus on the objectives at hand. In any case, you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

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