Signalis receives spooky gameplay trailer ahead of late October release

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Players will have plenty of new horror games to try out by the time Halloween arrives, one of them being Signalis by developer rose-engine. Announced back in AprilSignalis aims to appeal to fans of classic 1990s horror games with its gameplay centered around resource management, as well as its overall tone and style. Just today, publisher Humble Games dropped a new gameplay trailer for Signalis, so those curious can check it out ahead of the game’s October 27 release.

The trailer immediately leaves a solid first impression thanks to the game’s aesthetic, which makes effective use of simple colors and gives its 3D models a pixelated look that slightly evokes that retro PlayStation 1 vibe. Notably, Signalis adopts a top-down view for its gameplay, which deviates from the fixed camera angles of titles like Resident Evil. Having said that, the slow-paced nature of the gameplay shown definitely resembles that of a ’90s survival horror game, so fans of that genre will likely feel right at home.


What is Signalis about?

According to a press release, Signalis takes place “in a dystopian future where humanity has uncovered a dark secret.” Players control “a technician Replika” known as Elster, who has to roam around a dangerous off-world government facility to investigate “a cosmic mystery.” Like any good survival horror game, players will have to make progress by paying close attention to their resources and solving a variety of puzzles. Of course, this can’t be accomplished without at least some resistance, as several horrific creatures can be found across the facility.

Additionally, the press release states that Signalis takes inspiration from the likes of Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, and Hideaki Anno. If you enjoy the works of any of these creators and got a kick out of the Signalis trailer, then you may very well want to pick this game up.

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