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Konami appears to be bringing more of its classics forward to modern PC storefronts. Last week, the company released PC versions of Metal GearMetal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance on GOG, following a ratings board leak. Now, the same source has revealed what Konami has planned next.

European ratings board PEGI has listed a PC release of Silent Hill 4: The Room. When it initially launched in 2004, there was a PC version released. However, physical copies of it are hard to come by these days, and the game wasn’t available on digital storefronts. The PC release date was listed by PEGI as October 2, and lo and behold, it’s now available on GOG.

Silent Hill revival Konami

One curiosity is the lack of other series entries. Both Silent Hill 2 and 3 are in a similar position to Silent Hill 4, where PC versions exist but aren’t widely available. It’d certainly be a strange call to only re-release Silent Hill 4: The Room, so we’d expect to see ratings of 2 and 3 crop up sometime soon. After all, a series of Metal Gear games all dropped at once.

Comeback king

The Silent Hill series seems to be making a bit of a comeback, in name at least. Konami recently teamed up with Behaviour Interactive to bring Silent Hill characters to the popular asymmetric horror game, Dead by Daylight. A number of years ago we also saw P.T release on PS4, Hideo Kojima’s playable demo of Silent Hills, which was promptly cancelled soon after. The Silent Hills story didn’t get a happy ending, but bits and pieces this generation have shown that Konami is looking to do something with Silent Hill.

Dead By Daylight Silent Hill 09

Let’s hope this leads to a full Silent Hill series re-release on PC, and maybe even a new game somewhere down the line. Silent Hill 4‘s PEGI rating stated an October 2 PC release, and it came to fruition. We’ll keep an eye on that PEGI site over the coming weeks.

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