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Great news has arrived for any Silent Hill fans craving news on the development of a new game. Initially reported by GamesRadar, Christophe Gans, the director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie, discussed the franchise in an interview with French outlet MaG. He said “there are several games in development ” that will go on to “revive the franchise.” This news follows up on an earlier interview where he stated that Konami is looking to emulate the success of Capcom with the Resident Evil franchise and the remake formula.

This statement makes it seem like remakes for the original Silent Hill games are the games in development. Series fans who have religiously followed the games may have suspected this was coming, but this statement is definitely a bold move. Plus, Konami no longer has Kojima Productions developing any products after Kojima separated from Konami when they cancelled the 2014 remake.


In the same interview, Gans stated that games developer BlooberTeam of Layers of Fear and Blair Witch will work with Konami on the Silent Hill revival, alongside other teams. This all comes not long after internet sleuths noticed a new listing for a Silent Hill game on a Korean rating board in September.

What is next for the Silent Hill games?

Now that we have more insight into the development of the next big Silent Hill, a remake of the original Silent Hill or Silent Hill 2 is very likely, as those are the most popular in the franchise. If the formula for Resident Evil remakes is followed, we can expect a faithful remake, as the Resident Evil 2 remake attempts to stick as closely to the original as possible. With BlooberTeam on the project, we can also expect some classic horror tropes, as it is great at crafting a suspenseful horror game. Layers of Fear is a masterclass in environmental storytelling, which is a must for Silent Hill.

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