Silent Hill Townfall from Observation developer gets a teaser trailer

Silent Hill Townfall Teaser

Not content with just announcing a Silent Hill 2 remake, today’s Silent Hill Transmission showed off a teaser trailer for another brand-new Silent Hill game. It’s called Silent Hill Townfall, and it’s being developed by Scottish developer No Code, which was behind the games Observation and Stories Untold. The game is being developed in partnership with Annapurna Interactive, so it definitely seems like it’s in good hands. This is quite a pivot, as Konami’s previous Silent Hill games that were handled by Western developers were typically less proven, resulting in games that led the publisher to shelve the franchise for years.

Not much is known about Silent Hill Townfall, as the teaser trailer only shows an old portable television sitting on a desk. A voice speaks, asking why the listener is there and then specifying that it’s likely for punishment. The screen shows brief flashes of bits of video including some hallways and a man’s face.


But it’s not hard to guess what’s likely in store for players. Many of the Silent Hill games are about people finding themselves in the town to receive some sort of eerie punishment for their past actions. At least it isn’t randomly taking place in a Japanese town that probably isn’t Silent Hill, I guess.

What have you done?

After the teaser ended during Silent Hill Transmission, the creative director from No Code, Jon McKellan, talked a bit about the studio’s experience with the Silent Hill series and how the developer’s past work makes them a good fit to tackle an entry. We get to see little hints at the game via video of the team’s office as well, showing the motions of a man on a treadmill being captured and a few pieces of furniture in whatever engine Silent Hill Townfall will run on.

I’m honestly pretty hopeful about this one, although I’m going to guess it’ll play more like Shattered Memories than any of the classics.

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