Silicon Studio, who most recently developed Bravely Default and 3D Dot Heroes, went on the record about adapting to game development on 3DS, Wii U, Vita, and PS4.

3DS is the platform they have mastered the most. As they put it, they have almost figured out the full power of the graphics chip, with just a small amount of fine tuning left on the driver layer. The Vita is the exact opposite direction, since they have not had much experience with its GPU. They estimate they can get a handle on it within a year.

Silicon says PS4 and Wii U are very different too. While PS4 is very similar to a PC in architecture, making it easier to port, Wii U has its own unique qualities. They don’t want to comment on how much of a leap PS4 is from PS3, but they do know developers will want to port games on it. Silicon believes it will be love or hate for developers on making games for the Wii U. On their end, they were exposed to the Wii U early and were familiarized to its  idiosyncrasies by Nintendo, so their engine is ready to make games for it.


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