No Man's Sky

Earlier this week there was rumours that a copy of No Man’s Sky had landed in the hands of an individual and now someone has purchased it for a whopping $2000 USD.

Getting your hands on a game early is alway great, it’s one of the reasons I started writing about games 20 years ago. For some it’s simply the thrill, and a gamer going by the name of daymeeuhn, has dished out 2 grand of his own cash to play No Man’s Sky before anyone else.

Hello Games’ Seam Murray is probably not pleased the game is out there, Hello Games has been trying to keep much of the content under wraps. The leak has prompted him to comment:

“We’ve spent years filling No Man’s Sky with surprises. You’ve spent years waiting. Please don’t spoil it for yourself :(. Take a break from reading about it, and picking vids apart. You can experience for yourself so soon.”

In a thread on Reddit, daymeeuhn explained why he’s parted with so much cash to play it early.

“I’m a gamer that enjoys the journey. For me, the idea of secrets and puzzles that lack google-able answers is super thrilling. I love it. My best gaming experiences have been when I’ve received games before street date, knowing I was truly on my own in the universe of that game, and no matter how tempted I might be to ask a friend for help or check a website for a tip or cheat, I CAN’T because it doesn’t exist. It’s all you, you’re representing everything there is in that moment of the game. If NMS is crack for everyone here in this reddit, the idea of an early experience with zero information surrounding it is the equivalent of the purest, uncut and unfiltered crack money can buy for me. This is it for me, this is the nut high.”

On the back the leaked copy, gameplay footage has surfaced in numerous places and it’s being pulled down as fast as it’s being reproduced. The videos below may vanish but it’s simply the intro and some planet wandering. Hello Games look like they’re just going to drop players into the game and see what happens and the second video is not really that fantastic,. These videos do make you wonder just how exciting the game will actually be.

Update: As expected the videos were pulled off Youtube.





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