Silverstone Sx1000 Psu

There’s a certain amount of artistry that goes into building a small form factor (SFF) PC. You need to have brilliant cable management skills, great airflow, and precise measurements to get everything right. When they’re done well, small form factor PCs are some of the best-looking around. However, there’s always a compromise: power. These tiny PCs can’t fit large, powerful components. Those that can are usually limited by the PSU that cases can fit. Silverstone saw this problem and decided to fix it, releasing the only 1,000W PSU that can fit an SFF gaming PC.

The Silverstone SX1000 Platinum is every small form factor PC builder’s dream. The PSU is SFX-L form factor, a designation coined by Silverstone. Usually, SFX PSUs are 125 mm x 63.5 mm x 100 mm, but SFX-L PSUs are just a bit longer, with a depth of 130 mm. The SX1000 also sports an 80 PLUS Platinum rating, guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency.

Naturally, the PSU is also completely modular, giving builders plenty of options for any build they can dream up. As an added bonus, and in keeping with the out-of-the-way nature of small form factor PCs, this PSU is rather quiet. According to a spec list, it peaks at around 35dBA, which is just a bit louder than a whisper.

Small and powerful, but at what cost?

Small form factor PC building has another cost, and that’s, well, the cost. Making small but powerful hardware is a challenge, and manufacturers make up for that challenge by charging out the wazoo for their premium small form factor hardware. That will likely stay true for the Silverstone SX1000 PSU. It’s impossible to say what customers will have to pay for this tiny, powerful PSU for now.

Rijintek Small Form Factor

Credit: Raijintek

Regardless, this is a step in the right direction for small form factor PC builders. PSUs like the Silverstone SX1000 open up a world of possibilities, including tiny gaming rigs with enough power for a high-end graphics card. Who needs an RTX-powered laptop when your desktop is just as easy to move around?

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