SimCity Theme Park DLC

In a new update from SimCity gameplay scripter Jason Halvorson, he details many of the features of the upcoming SimCity Amusement Park DLC which is due for release on 28 May.

The Amusement Parks are similar to the other tourist attractions in the game such as the casinos and landmarks. There is a difference in how the Amusement attractions function however as the developers want to give players “more things to do” in the game.

Amusements parks are to be treated like a mini-game where guests have to be enticed to enter the park, go on the rides and purchase items from the concession stands. The challenge is to get the guests to the attractions in the “most efficient way possible” but also keep them spending money in the park.┬áDesigning a park layout is of the utmost importance to encourage guests to wander around and part with their cash to maximise your profits.

There are also three main gate types available in the DLC, each with their own attraction ride and concession stand already attached to the building. From here the park can expand out and further attractions can be placed.

The DLC features five different module types, Signs to entice people to visit, Main Attractions which include rides such as go-karts, roller coasters and a Ferris wheel, cheaper Secondary Attractions, Concession Stands which refresh Sims and encourages them to go on more rides, Mini Train Stations which allow you to create your own rail system around the park by dragging rails tracks, Park Gates and finally benches.

So why is it a mini-game? According to Maxis, some attractions will only unlock once your park starts to turn a certain amount of profit which makes running an amusement park a challenge in itself.

The Amusement Park DLC is released on 28 May.

Source: Maxis

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