SimCity v1.6.1 update brings back achievements


I’m pretty sure we have been playing on some sort of weird SimCity server as achievements have always been on, as has Cheetah mode.

For those who’ve had lots of things disabled, tonight’s update is starting to bring more of the features back online. Maxis has finally removed having to play the training mission every time you switched servers,  there’s quite a few performance increases and achievements are finally back.

  • Turned regional Achievements back on!
  • We are now prioritizing games with available slots in the “Join Game” menu in the front end
  • Update so players will go through the Getting Started Scenario only once. They will see the Play menus when they switch servers
  • Fix for a gameplay crash
  • UI improvement: Increased time showing system alerts for readability
  • Graphics: shader change to improve look of walls and parking lots
  • It’s now easier to place airport runways
  • Budget transaction optimization to increase performance
  • Update of Buffers on buildings to save memory
  • Performance improvement for lower end machines
  • Servers
  • DB performance upgrades to increase response time.

We’ve been playing again tonight testing more of the game for next Monday’s review here on the site. I have to say doing this review has been a roller coaster ride for the past week and it’s been one of the toughest to deal with for a long time.

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