The Cats & Dogs expansion pack for The Sims 4 is now available worldwide and probably leaving clumps of fur on PCs everywhere. Priced at $40, the DLC adds cat and/or dog guardianship to the game, as well as the new role of Veterinarian.

There is a bit more to it than that. Cats & Dogs includes a ‘Create A Pet’ tool (rather like the ‘Create A Sim’ tool, except more animal based), so you can customise and personalise your four-pawed pals. Pets will have their own unique appearances, behaviours, and, if you really must, silly outfits. Is getting your cat to wear a Christmas jumper too much hassle in real life? The Sims 4 can make your pet fashion dreams come true.

As a Veterinarian, you’ll be able to run your own clinic in the town of Brindleton Bay. Treat animals, and make sure everybody’s pet is healthy.

Cats & Dogs also promises that your Sims will “form special relationships, train and play games with pets and watch as they exhibit their own personalities, as well as their quintessential animal behaviors.” It’s not confirmed whether the latter includes flopping around on your keyboard and nudging your mouse hand while you’re trying to write PC gaming news stories, to pull an example completely out of the blue.

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