Sims Medieval Collectors Edition Coming To Europe

The Sims Medieval will be available in Europe in Collector’s Edition form, according to a news release from Electronic Arts.
As well as the main game, which will see players having to guide their unruly sims through medieval life, this edition will include a kingdom map and art booklet. Alongside this will be some 3D “card artwork” to cut out and create, a wax seal so you can sign royal documents in style and an “exclusive” A3-size poster.
That’s not all. There’ll also be three throne rooms and 10 outfits included as DLC content. All of which will be packaged in a medieval-esque book cover.
No word on this being available in the US, so it’s EU (and APAC)-only for the moment. The Collectors Edition will be released for PC and Mac on 25 March.

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