If you’re interested in┬ásomething, anything really, there’s more than likely a simulator game for it. From streamers, to esports managers, to — as we all know — even truck drivers. And, if it’s the fishes that get your algae in a twist, Biotope might be the right sim for you.

Under the sea

The focus for Biotope as a simulator is to be “the first and only photorealistic aquarium simulator to date.” The title will first enter Early Access on Steam, and it plans to stay incubating there for the next “6-12 months.” However, developer MBL Development looks like it has some lofty goals in creating a real-life rendition of what it means to care for a miniature sea of aquatic buddies.

Just simming around

It looks like there will be quite a bit to manage within your aquarium. From the get-go, you can choose from three different start kits: Empty Tank, Amazon, or Malawi.

If you’re wondering where the simulation comes in, you are the captain now. That means you’ll have to watch your monthly budget and, of course, monitor stats. Completing various quests in Biotope will allow for a larger budget, which somewhat sheds light on the gameplay loop that you can look forward to.

Outside of those features, you can also breed and build within your case-o-water, purchasing items from the in-game Blue World Store. This also ties into your fishes’ stress, impacting additional breeding if they aren’t in the right environment. It adds yet another layer to the experience that lies ahead.

Biotope will enter Steam’s Early Access on July 23. As previously stated, MBL Development and the publisher, 2tainment GMBH, plan to keep the game there for a potential year-long period. There is currently no price. However, if you head to Biotope‘s Steam page, you can add the title to your wishlist.

Greg Bargas
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