Six Days in Fallujah Developer Speaks Out


The man behind the controversial title, Six Days in Fallujah, has spoken out in an interview about his game, and explained why he thinks it should be given a chance.

Six Days in Fallujah, an FPS based on an actual battle in Iraq in 2004, was dropped by its publishers Konami after families of the servicemen that were killed in the battle objected to a game being made on the event.

President of Atomic Games, Peter Tamte, has always claimed that the title is more of a documentary than a game. Six Days in Fallujah features real war footage and interviews with veterans of the battle. Tamte claims that he got the idea to make the game from Marines who had fought in Fallujah, who were looking to turn their experiences into a game they themselves would want to play.

In an article on Newsweek, Tamte reveals the amount of work that has gone into making the title, including the vast attention to detail. Capt. Read Omohundro, who led Marines in Fallujah and lost 13 men there, assists the developers in making sure the content is as accurate as possible.

However, families of the fallen Marines maintain they do not want the deaths of their relatives to be trivialised in a game. Tracy Miller, whose son Cpl. Nicholas Ziolkowski was killed in Fallujah, believes her son would have enjoyed the game, but still thinks a game on the battle would be distasteful.

“I think they’re bending over backwards to contact people to make sure what they do isn’t going to offend anyone,” she continued “But I think that it’s probably impossible not to offend people with a game.” She also believes that due to its accuracy, the game may teach insurgents American troops’ tactics, and may de-sensitise young players to the horrors of war.

Tamte is still hoping for new publishers to take on Six Days in Fallujah, and says he is negotiating with a few potential investors. Read the full article at Newsweek.

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