Skate or die: Black Ops 2’s eclectic ‘Revolution’ DLC map mix comes to PC

Black Ops 2 revolution dlc

I don’t normally have too many words of praise when it comes to Call of Duty’s ability to innovate, but this Black Ops 2 ‘Revolution’ DLC pack looks like it has a few novel ideas. For one thing, there’s a map set in a skate park in Venice Beach (a place that isn’t actually in Venice.) As far as I know you can’t distract people by throwing skateboards at them, but you can attempt to take cover behind quarter-pipes.

Along with the skate park, there’s a Alpine ski resort with “a moving gondola system” (sure, why not?) and a hydro-electric plant based in Pakistan. Even the most boring sounding level (Mirage, based in China’s Gobi desert) has a sandstorm-ravaged building to play hide-and-go-die in.

‘Revolution’ also has a new zombie level (Die Rise) for fans of undead Black Ops 2. There’s a new mode too: ‘Turned,’ allowing people to play as zombies and eat the brains of their fellow players. As you do.

This DLC has been out on the Xbox 360 for a while now, but it’ll be available for PC players on 28 February as either a stand-alone purchase ($15 USD) or as part of one of those newfangled Season Pass dealies.

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