Pokemon Scarlet Violet Skeledirge An Intimate Profile
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Skeledirge is a new Pokémon that makes its first appearance as a starter in Generation Nine. It is a combination of the Fire and Ghost types, which allows it to deal significant damage to many other Pokémon you encounter during your journey through Paldea. Here’s our guide on Skeledirge’s weaknesses and best counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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Skeledirge weaknesses and best counters in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Since Skeledirge is a Fire and Ghost type, you want to avoid relying on those elements yourself. Normal and Fighting moves are also no good, and the impact of Bug, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Poison, and Steel moves is severely diminished.

Skeledirge has quite a lot of HP right from the start. It lasts a long while in battle unless someone utilizes attacks of the right type. To hit Skeledirge where its weaknesses lie, use abilities with Dark, Ground, Rock, or Water affinity.

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Skeledirge Stats Page

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Special Attack moves do the most damage of all. Try to bring out your heavy hitters whenever you encounter Skeledirge in battle to more efficiently chew through its healthy life meter. Pokémon that can can accomplish that task especially well include Umbreon, Mabostiff, Garchomp, and Klawf. There also is no shortage of capable Water-type Pokémon in Paldea.

Unfortunately, Skeledirge is unavailable to add to your own party during the normal course of play, unless you choose a Fuecoco as your starter. The Fuecoco evolves into a Crocalor at level 16. The Crocalor then evolves into Skeledirge at level 36. You will not encounter many opponents who bring out a Skeledirge as you roam Paldea. It does appear occasionally, however. You also need to keep its weaknesses in mind in the event you have a Skeledirge in your own party.

Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet can be purchased on the Nintendo Store.

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