Skullgirls dev announces Indivisible

Skullgirls dev announces Indivisible

Lab Zero Games have announced that their next project will be action RPG Indivisible.

Indivisible follows a girl named Ajna, who travels the world seeking information about her mysterious powers. She’ll be joined by a variety of heroes, and gain new abilities that aid her traversal of the environments.

It’s described as a cross between Super Metroid and Valkyrie Profile, which is quite a lofty comparison to make. This would tend to imply that you’ll be traversing the world from a side-on 2D perspective, but hopping into JRPG-style combat whenever a fight breaks out – indeed, Indivisible‘s Twitter account linked to this video from Valkyrie Profile to indicate “how the exploration/combat game flow” will work. Which sounds a bit Child of Light, really!

The storyline is based on “southeast Asian and other world mythologies”, and the game will have the lovely 2D animation you should’ve already come to expect from Lab Zero. Additionally, the soundtrack is being composed by Hiroki Kikuta, probably best known for composing the utterly wonderful soundtrack to Secret of Mana.

According to the Twitter account, Indivisible will likely enter crowdfunding via IndieGogo in early September, with a playable prototype out around the same time – although Skullgirls backers will get first access to it.

You can see an announcement trailer below. No word on what platforms Indivisible will be hitting, but I’m expect that the PC will be one of them.

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