Skullgirls Encore: Meet Fukua, The April Fools Prank That’s Also Legit

Lab Zero Games decided to poke a little fun at Capcom for April Fool’s Day, but in the spirit of taking the joke to its logical extreme, have shared fun for the fans too.

Meet Fukua, whom Lab Zero admits is no more than a palette swap of Filia, with the name obviously a play on words as well. She plays different, has a different backstory, and is available now for owners of Skullgirls Encore.

You can check out her introduction trailer below.

As to whether she’s legit? For that I would point you to d3v’s video previewing some Fukua gameplay. As he demonstrates, in terms of extending the roster Fukua does an excellent job.

Whether she stays or not is entirely up to the fans, so Lab Zero is encouraging everyone to login and try her out now. I think they’ll be better off with her staying.

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