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So here’s the story all about how the planet of Aelion got turned upside down. Mortals were called on to protect the planet against demons, renegades, and killer robots. That’s the plot of so many RPGs out there that are too many to count. That’s also the gist of what goes on in Skyforge, a freemium MMORPG from Russia-based Allods Team. Players create their guardians and can then pick from up to 15 different classes. They also have their own Divine Forms with their respective ultimate attacks. These classes and the type of looks and mechanics are what you can expect in Skyforge: Battle Royale. That’s the game’s own take in the battle royale genre.

We will stand tall and face it all… at Skyforge

There are a plethora of battle royale games out there. And there are others crafting their own take at the genre. However, what Allods Team hopes would make Skyforge: Battle Royale different is their MMORPG formula. Rather than generic battlers and would-be heroes, combatants will still be able to choose from unique classes. Of course, with those class having their own skill sets, it’s less about run-and-gun shooting and more about using the right skills. It also has a fairly futuristic anime aesthetic which might appeal to some fans.

Still, it’s worth noting that, much like other games in the genre, the story’s pretty barebones. Based on its PlayStation announcement, the only reason these heroes are fighting is that… well… they’re in a virtual simulation. They’re trying to pass the “entrance exam” by being the last person standing. That’s like The Matrix: High School Reunion.

Still, we can only hope that Skyforge: Battle Royale injects something fresh in a genre where everyone seems to want to get a piece out of. It will also feature air drops, spawn points, and special monsters.

Skyforge: Battle Royale will be available for pre-order on August 17 and will be out for PC on August 28. As always, PC Invasion will keep you up to date with more news.

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