Ever wondered what it would be like to go face-to-face with a dragon? (A proper, fire-breathing dragon, not one of those little lizard dragon things you get in tropical climates.) Well, our man Tim McDonald has taken up the mantle and filmed such a thing for you.
    The above video is entirely comprised entirely of in-game Xbox 360 footage from a legitimate playthrough (no cheats of debug alterations). Other than the appearance of the dragon itself, there are no story spoilers to worry about. I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty tasty.
    Tim’s Skyrim review has also gone live today. You can read it here – give yourself some time though, because it’s rather long.
    Watch the rest:

    Skyrim Moments #1: Battling a Dragon
    Skyrim Moments #2: The Labyrinth and The Blade
    Skyrim Moments #3: Meeting the Dark Brotherhood
    Skyrim Moments #4: Village Massacre

    Paul Younger
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