Perhaps in part in response to reports of crashes with Patch 1.1, there’s already a Patch 1.2 available forĀ Skyrim Special Edition through Steam’s beta branch system. To access this, right-click on Skyrim Special Edition in your Steam library, click on Properties, then the Beta tab, and finally select 1.2 from the drop-down menu.

    Steam should do the rest by automatically applying the beta patch, but give it a restart if that doesn’t happen. The game will gain a little [beta] tag to let you know you’re opting in.

    This beta patch looks like it tackles problems with alt-tabbing out of the game, and some specific crashes related to Load Order of mods. Here’s the changelog.


    • General stability and performance improvements
    • Fixed issue related to using alt-tab while playing the game (PC)
    • Fixed issue with water flow not rendering properly
    • Fixed crash related to changing from werewolf back to human form
    • Fixed crash related to reloading after changing Load Order of mods
    • General bug fixing and improvements with browsing Mods
    Peter Parrish

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