June 19th, 2017

Skyrim Steam Workshop mods can now be any size

Bethesda has announced today that Steam Workshop mods for Skyrim will no longer be restricted to a file size of 100mb. This means mod creators working on gigantic mega-projects should be able to upload their designs without worry.

The update to both Creation Kit and Skyrim launcher is going to be in beta testing for the next week or so, but it’s possible to opt-in via the usual Steam method.

That is: right-clicking on Skyrim in your Steam library, selecting properties, clicking the beta tab and then selecting “beta – Skyrim Beta.” To get in the Creation Kit beta, take the same steps but from the Tools section of your Steam library. Restart Steam and both should update as requested.

If you want to opt back out of the beta, just repeat those steps but select “none” in the drop down beta tab section.

According to Bethesda, once this update rolls out everywhere, Workshop downloads will no longer go through the Skyrim Launcher. Instead, mod downloads will be managed by the Steam client. The Launcher will update the game after the client completes a download.

Look at that, I managed to get all the way through a Skyrim mod story about ‘unlimited size’ without referring to a single dong mod.

… Damnit.

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