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Ever since the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard, prominent bugs have been roaming around the game. Although Sledgehammer Games have addressed some of the issues, it has been a number of weeks since the last patch rolled out. The developer took a break over the festive period, but now it’s coming back to work. Already, some promises have been made to fix some of the significant problems that exist in Vanguard multiplayer.

Sledgehammer Games took to Twitter to give fans an insight into what the developers are prioritizing in an upcoming update. Firstly, changes are being made to Vanguard’s Panzerfaust rocket launcher camo challenges. When the game first launched, players noticed a problem with the Panzerfaust stopping players from progressing their camos. Once the issue is fixed, you can continue your camo grind. Also, the developers have outlined the imminent arrival of a weapon tuning patch. Although the specific details have not yet been shared, players are told that sniper rifles are getting buffs, but shotguns will be nerfed.


Smaller Vanguard fixes that could go a long way

Another fix is expected to be made to the Mortar Barrage kill streak. The duration of the kill streak is reduced, which is expected to make it less powerful. Finally, a perk adjustment has been teased with the goal of countering fire. The launch of Vanguard Season One saw the addition of the Incendiary Grenade which has become dominant. Perhaps, the perk adjustments could make surviving the wrath of an Incendiary Grenade and ammunition a much easier task.

At the time of writing, a date has not been shared for when the Vanguard fixes will be made. Hopefully, fans will not have to wait much longer for the update to roll out. With only a “few” changes detailed, it is expected that even more fixes could be on the way.

Vanguard Fixes Details

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