Sledgehammer Developed a Third-Person Vietnam War Call of Duty Demo before they started working on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and helping with Modern Warfare 3 .Sledgehammer co-founder Glen Schofield Game Informer in the upcoming cover story of the magizine that the studio was about six to eight months into the third-person Call of Duty project, which was set during the Vietnam War.

    Schofield said “We were really getting into the story,” . “We had a big moment that I would love to get into a game someday, but it’s not something we could do in first-person.” Schofield, who helped create Dead Space also said. ” We were definitely going for some Dead Space moments. It was going to be a fresh take on war, that’s for sure.” Only about a 15 min demo of the 3rd person Call of Duty game was done before Activision had to move over to help with Modern Warfare 3. Source IGN

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