Slightly Mad and AMD on Project Cars driver woes

That’s graphics card drivers, rather than virtualĀ Project Cars racing drivers. AMD card users appear to be having a bit of a rough time with Slightly Mad’s newly released driving title.

Both developer and AMD seem to have weighed in on why this might be, largely blaming each other before promising to work together.

“We’re reaching out to AMD with all of our efforts. We’ve provided them 20 keys as I say. They were invited to work with us for years,” a post from Slightly Mad’s Ian Bell (re-posted on Steam from the game’s backer forum) reads. “Looking through company mails the last I can see they (AMD) talked to us was October of last year.”

Bell also refutes the usual claims that Nvidia paid for special attention, saying “Categorically, Nvidia have not paid us a penny. They have though been very forthcoming with support and co-marketing work at their instigation.”

The latest on Project Cars from AMD’s end comes from this twitter, which suggests they’ve been talking with Bell about sorting this out.

You’d think this would’ve been happening during development, rather than afterwards, but there you go.

By the sounds of things, this is a driver issue. According to Bell, “Some great gains we saw from an earlier driver [AMD] released have been lost in a later driver they released. So I’d say driver is where we start.”

So, if you’re trying to play Project Cars with an AMD card and aren’t getting the frame-rates you feel you should, it looks like all you can really do is wait for a new beta driver release (or possibly a patch for the game that’ll play more nicely with the current driver.)

Edit: You could also try the tip suggested below by ‘a posing fedora’ (nice), which is to turn track texture and grass to their minimum values. I can’t check myself, but these are apparently the two main settings causing AMD issues. Worth a shot.

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    • a posing fedora

      Tip: Try to set the track texture quality to minimum and the grass to none, it works fine with everything else maxed up.

      BTW, even if what the developer said is true (which I believe is), I find it pretty interesting that every game under the GameWorks always has some problems with amd.

      • Peter Parrish

        Thanks – I’ll add that to the post.

        And yeah, Nvidia GameWorks titles always give me the fear as an AMD card user. It was pretty noticeable that Assassin’s Creed: Rogue (the first AC to not be GameWorks in a while) ran a LOT better for me than the last few.

    • Dre’ Reavis

      It’s 2015 and AMD/ATI still has driver issues with PC games. Shocker.

    • Noble Alfred

      I really wish I had picked up an Nvidia GPU instead of AMD. So many games seem to run like shit on AMD and they all run better on my laptop with a mediocre Nvidia card.