Snipe a pre-order bonus with Hitman Absolution [Video]

Pre-orders of Hitman Absolution through GameStop will come with a freebie, stand-alone mini title called ‘Sniper challenge’ in which Agent 47 is given the task of, well, sniping a bunch of people. Those pre-orders can be made from next week, and the sniper challenge will become available from 15 May for console users.
The press release is ambiguous about the PC version, but seems to suggest it’ll be available for everyone through Steam from 1 August (here’s the exact wording: “The Windows PC version will be made available through Steam on August 1, 2012”). Whether that’s still only for those who pre-order is unclear.
In addition, the game’s release date has been confirmed as 20 November.
Enjoy the sniping trailer, below. Say … is that Ezio at the end?

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