September 5th, 2017

Sniper Elite 3 DLC demands you Save Churchill, today

Sniper Elite 3 DLC demands you Save Churchill, today

sniper elite 3 save churchill

A round of Sniper Elite 3 DLC has been fired into Steam, with a mission, a weapons pack, and a free multiplayer update now available.

The multiplayer map is Airfield, which… well, it’s the airfield from single-player, only completely bombed out and ruined. There are plenty of new vantage points and little nooks and crannies for you to employ, ranging from hiding behind the shells of destroyed vehicles to lurking in the rafters of the destroyed hangars. This map is completely free, and is available right now.

The weapons pack is the Patriot Weapons Pack, which offers three American weapons for £2.99. You can get your hands on the Springfield rifle, the M3 Grease Gun, and the 1911 pistol.

Finally – and most interestingly – is the Save Churchill single-player DLC. This is a three-part DLC that forms a mini-campaign, and the first part – titled In Shadows – is available now. This has you attempting to foil a Nazi plot to assassinate Winston Churchill before the Casablanca Conference; the first part, available now, has you returning to an overgrown and battle-scarred Siwa at night. Future parts of the DLC will take you to new locales, including a giant colosseum which is apparently the largest map in any Sniper Elite game yet. This’ll cost you £4.99.

All three of these pieces of Sniper Elite 3 DLC are available at this very moment, and the rest are due later this summer. You can have a look at an official video from the Sniper Elite 3 team below to get a bit more info on each of these, as well as to hear a bit more about the forthcoming DLC.

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