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Sniper Elite 3
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Sniper Elite 3’s latest dev Q&A video discusses vehicle takedowns


Like this, but with metal.

Sniping men is passé, so Sniper Elite 3 will also let you snipe tanks and jeeps.

Vehicle takedowns – complete with the X-ray killcam – are a new feature for Sniper Elite 3, so it’s perhaps fitting that the latest developer Q&A video focuses on these and how they work. If you shoot out a jeep’s engine, you’ll see the pistons moving in slow-motion as the bullet rips through it.

There’s also a visit to a tank museum, and a bit of talk about the myriad ways you can opt to take out a Tiger (the tank, not the feline). You might opt for explosives to immobilise it and make shots easier, or use your binoculars to tag weak points and take it apart piecemeal, or – if you’re unbelievably cocky – you might just opt to try to fire a bullet through the vision slot and take out the driver.

Have a look at the video below to see hot bullet-on-engine block action. Sniper Elite 3 is due out on 27 June.