If there’s a more reliable kidney-punching series out there, then I don’t know of it: Sniper Elite 4’s new gameplay footage trailer shows it’s once again committed to inflicting horror on Nazi bodies. Shankings, beatings, and (of course) snipings are all accounted for in this first look at the title in motion.

This fourth entry is going to predominantly be set in the Mediterranean, which explains why it looks like Fascism’s finest have infested the Sapienza level from Hitman (or a town from Just Cause 3). Luckily, agent Karl Fairburne has the cure for that, with an added anatomy lesson or thirty along the way.

The end of the gameplay trailer has a little snippet of the traditional pre-order bonus mission to assassinate Hitler himself. This time, the pesky Fuhrer will be in a secret U-boat facility. Typical of him, really.

Sniper Elite 4 will be breaking hearts on 14 February 2017. Here’s the trailer, and some new screenshots.

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