Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Kill List Matthaus Ehrlich

War Factory is the fourth mission in Sniper Elite 5‘s campaign. After a short meeting with French Resistance members, you’ll have to head straight to an industrial facility to sabotage the production of Operation Kraken materiel. Still, you might want to eliminate a particular target for a weapon unlock and extra XP. Here’s our Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Kill List guide to help you take out Matthaus Ehrlich in Mission 4.

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Sniper Elite 5 – War Factory Kill List guide (Mission 4 – Matthaus Ehrlich)

Matthaus Ehrlich, your War Factory Kill List target in Sniper Elite 5, can be found in a small building in the southwest corner of the map. The challenge requires you to blow him up using a Rat Bomb.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Kill List Matthaus Ehrlich 1

The Rat Bomb item itself can be picked up at the start of the mission. You’ll find it on a dresser just before you exit the Resistance HQ. Marie even reminds you to pick it up since you’re going to need it.

From here, it’s up to you how you want to explore the level proper (i.e., if you want to look for Workbenches first). Just watch out for the half-track that’s patrolling the main road.

Snp El5 M4 Kl 1

Eventually, you’ll arrive at the southeastern section where Ehrlich is, and this is when things can get wonky. Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • Ehrlich will be standing in the main room before moving to a smaller side room.
  • There are at least three white outlines on the floor. These are dead rats, and you can place the Rat Bomb in any one of them once Ehrlich leaves.
  • Ehrlich will be talking to a German soldier. For some reason, this dialogue lasts for several minutes. I wasn’t sure if it was bugged, but I did notice that the German soldier’s model was clipping through the door. It’s as though the dialogue kept looping, though it was able to advance further when I re-enabled the subtitles.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Kill List Matthaus Ehrlich 2a

After all of that, Ehrlich will then go back to the main room. He’ll check each spot one by one while talking to himself. Once he reaches the rat with the bomb, he’ll blow up into smithereens. This will complete the Matthaus Ehrlich War Factory Kill List task in Sniper Elite 5. You’ll receive the Machine Pistol 44 (MP44) for your efforts.

Sniper Elite 5 War Factory Kill List Matthaus Ehrlich 2b

Sniper Elite 5 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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