CI Games CEO Marek Tymiński has made some fairly candid statements today regarding mistakes made with Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. The project was, he believes, “too ambitious” and resulted in the studio trying to “catch up with other AAA titles”.

“By positioning [Sniper Ghost Warrior 3] in a AAA category, it took us away from what we could have done great. Instead we spent too much effort trying to catch up with other AAA titles in terms of their production values and features. That was a big mistake.” Tymiński states. He adds that this “took us away from what we could have done great” and suggests that the team have learned a lot from the game’s production, which has shaped the studio for the better.

In the same announcement, CI Games have laid out their future development plans. They will continue to support Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 throughout 2017, and are working on at least two more titles.

One of those is a Lords of the Fallen sequel (previously confirmed, but this serves as a reminder that they’re still doing it). The other is a “new tactical shooter” that won’t get an official announcement until a later date.

“We’re planning to make a great tactical shooter where we can focus on exciting gameplay, some key mechanics, and missions that have depth without all of the trappings of a large open-world setting,” Tymiński says. The intent is for it to be “even more tactical” than Ghost Warrior 3.

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