CI Games have acted pretty quickly in response to requests for an FOV slider in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. A 1.1GB patch dispatched through Steam today adds just that, along with a separate Motion Blur toggle.

An FOV slider and the ability to toggle Motion Blur were two necessary options we highlighted in our Tech Review of the PC version, so it’s good to see them added quite quickly. This patch also says it addresses the persistent, looping heart-beat sound bug; another Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 oddity mentioned in the Tech Review.

Most of the fixes should improve the overall feel of the game by removing some small but significant annoyances players have discoveredĀ since it launched. The update says that it fixes “various extreme navigation issues” and “some issues with using ladders”. Hopefully, that will reduce instances of getting stuck onĀ Sniper Ghost Warrior 3’s scenery.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Patch Notes

  • Added an FOV slider
  • Added a Motion Blur On/Off toggle
  • Fixed Heart beat sound
  • Fixed various extreme navigation issues
  • Made the Buggy Vehicle destructible
  • Fixed the KTR assault rifle aim position
  • Fixed some issues with using ladders
  • Fixed discovering new Points of Interest
  • Fixed saving issues of completed Points of Interest
  • Fixed issues with settings changes not saving properly
  • Fixed animation – sprint to zoom blend
  • Fixed animation – fast select prams unify
  • Tweaks in bows animations
  • Multiple mission scripting fixes
  • Various ambient sound fixes
  • Wolf sound fixes
  • Removed green blood elements in wolf attack
  • Repaired character voice in the Deep Ending mission
  • Repaired bush sounds for player
  • Fixes some keyboard binding issues
  • Fixed some of the cases with rain inside the building
  • Some localization fixes
  • Many other minor fixes

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