Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Guides And Features Hub

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts is CI Games’ newest offering. Featuring five massive maps, numerous objectives, gadgets, and replayability, your Seeker will have his hands full. Our guides and features hub will provide notable impressions, and several tips on how to complete the missions as you sneak your way through Siberia.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts – Guides and features hub

Official Review – Our official review of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts takes a look at the core gameplay mechanics, progression system, and its gigantic locations.

Technical Review – Our technical review of Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts examines graphics options, controls, and a few janky bugs. It might also be concerning for those with 4K displays given that the game isn’t fully optimized for that resolution, not unless you’ve got a beefier rig.

Weapons and Loadout Guide – This guide examines the various loadout options/modifications in Contracts. Mix and match, or go for the most optimal means available. We also take note of some awesome sniper rifle choices.

Character Skills Guide – This guide covers the perks and skills that you can unlock as you progress through the game.

Easy Money Cheese – Here’s a cheese on how to get money quickly.

Altai Mountains – We explore the Altai Mountains, the first mission/map in the game. It’s set in a snowy, mountainous region where you’d have to find a scientist who’s creating a deadly virus.

Kolchak Harbor – The harbor is set in a sunny but freezing area. You’re after an oil magnate, his wife, and their chief engineer.

Beketov Valley – Lush and verdant fields await you in the Contracts‘ third level. There are numerous hidden pathways and alternate routes, and even river crossings, as you attempt to spoil a meeting between two rival underworld bosses.

Arakcheyev Fortress – The massive and well-defended fort can be quite a test. Herein, you’ll find two scientists seeking to perfect their eugenics program. One of them even has a body double.

Sibirskaya-7 Junction – The final mission takes place in an industrial zone with railways and factories. You’re taking out the Prime Minister of Siberia and his chief advisor.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts Guides And Features Hub

Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts releases on November 22. You can find it on Steam.

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