City Interactive has released some new details on its forthcoming sniping-focused first-person shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior.Sniper: Ghost Warrior casts players as a member of an elite military unit, sent into the fictional South American island of Isla Trueno to assassinate the despotic General Vasquez when everything goes horribly wrong.As the title implies, the focus is on sniping with particular emphasis given to ballistic realism. Distance, fall-off, and environmental factors – like wind – all have an effect on where each shot will land. Players can also use cover to hide, while using teammates as spotters to mark targets, and a bullet-cam system will let players watch with malicious glee as another bullet embeds itself in a hostile trachea. Or misses by an embarrassing margin.Sniper spans 16 levels, going from the initial bungled assassination mission through oil rigs, a mine, the coast, and a set of ruins. Naturally, you won’t just be sniping – while that’s the focus of the game, there’ll also be open combat.If that’s not enough, then you’ll also have 16-player multiplayer spanning “a series of unique multi-player modes.”Sounds a lot like Rebellion’s Sniper Elite, to us. If it manages to match the ballistic realism and tension of that game, but make it slightly less clunky, then City Interactive could well be onto a winner here.Sniper: Ghost Warrior is due out on PC and Xbox 360 in June.

Paul Younger
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