Snowrunner Season 1 Search & Recover Starts Archaeological Hunt On July 15 (3)

The success that is Saber Interactive’s SnowRunner continues to roll along just fine. In fact, this coming July 15 will see the game get the first phase of content from its season pass. Available for both season pass and Premium Edition owners of SnowRunner, get ready to dive into Season 1: Search & Recover. The new season will have drivers head into a brand new Russian region.

Dig deep

Two snow maps will await, where players will start their archaeological hunt. Rather than just transporting around cargo and assisting other drivers, this is certainly a nice change of pace. Of course, with a new SnowRunner update comes new vehicles to get your hands on, more skins to customise, and that extends to interiors as well.

Snowrunner Season 1 Search & Recover Starts Archaeological Hunt On July 15 (2)

“Witness the breathtaking aurora borealis hanging over the two vast new snow maps coming in Season 1: Search & Recover, where players will make fresh tracks in search of a lost World War II bomber plane,” the press release stated. SnowRunner players can look forward to driving the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” and the Ford 750 4×4 Crewcab.

A cargo of content

However, even if you do not own the Season Pass, there is still content coming to you. New missions will keep you busy, especially if you are just getting started in SnowRunner. There is also plenty of user-generated content to wade through, as more modding tools are being added to help players. Create new maps, cosmetic items, and more and share with over 1 million players in SnowRunner. If you have a friend who owns the Season Pass, join up and you can get access to some of the DLC content as well. Up to 4 drivers can group together and drive off into the sunset.

Snowrunner Season 1 Search & Recover Starts Archaeological Hunt On July 15 (1)

Saber Interactive will be sharing even more details about upcoming content when this new update hits the game. SnowRunner Season 1: Search & Recover will commence this July 15.

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