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SnowRunner already has an avalanche of content. Get it? Because of the… never mind. That’s fine. Following hot on the heels (cold on the heels?) of Season 2, the game’s Season 3 content is coming down the pipeline soon. The season has the subtitle of Locate & Deliver, and will be available to all owners of the premium edition or the season pass. Players will be able to continue to schlep heavy cargo along frighteningly dangerous routes just like they’ve been doing since the game debuted last year. But this time, there’s more stuff.

What all is coming, though? Right off the bat, SnowRunner Season 3 will offer two new maps set in a new region, plus three vehicles, along with skins, stickers, and even more. But that’s not all. The update will also come with new missions, trials, and cargo to dive into. Even better, that stuff will be free for all players, not just the ones who’ve ponied up extra cash. Honestly, the base game had a ridiculous amount of content. I’m surprised developer Saber Interactive is still shoveling new stuff at us nearly 10 months after release.


Headed to Wisconsin

As for the new maps, they’re set in Wisconsin, and their region is home to logging activities. Of course, this means that you’re going to see a lot of trees. This shouldn’t come as a surprise due to the impressive amount of trees players are already accustomed to seeing. Aside from all the forests, there will also be a lot of areas experiencing heavy flooding, so there’ll be plenty of occasions for your trucks to get stuck in the water. Great. There’s even going to be a focus on rebuilding a railway as far as the region’s tasks are concerned. Anyone fond of cursing their existence as they fail to winch themselves out of a raging river is sure to love doing that again — but this time in Wisconsin.

Snowrunner Season3 Screenshot 02 Nologo

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