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It’s been a few months since SnowRunner brought us Season 5 with new maps and vehicles for players to truck through the mud and snow with. A new season showed up today, and we can finally jump into season 6: Haul & Hustle. The season can be purchased by itself for $6.99, but if you’ve already purchased the season 2 pass, it’ll already be in your library. Much like previous seasons, season 6 has two new maps and two new vehicles. These maps, of course, have new tasks and contracts to complete, which can contribute a lot of additional hours on top of SnowRunner‘s increasingly massive amount of content.

As always, you’ll be able to immediately travel to the first of the new maps right away. The first of the two is The Lowland, with the Yellowrock National Park map unlockable once you find the right spot on the first. Upon arriving, I got into a scouting vehicle and headed straight for the nearest watchtower. Despite being called The Lowlands, this is still Maine. The Western part of the state proudly features a section of the Appalachian Mountain range, so this area has mountains visible, plus some substantially elevated terrain. One wrong move and your trucks can fall off steep cliffs.


Immediately after reaching this first watchtower, I was given the chance to access the first of SnowRunner season 6’s new vehicles, the Aramatsu Forester. As per usual, the truck lies abandoned in a remote area, so you’ll need to make your way there and repair it to make it yours. As the name implies, it’s a logging truck, which makes sense given how heavily wooded the area is. The other new truck is the Tayga 6455B, which you’ll also need to find out in the world, although it’s not quite as easy to spot as the Aramatsu Forester.

Snowrunner Season 6 Overview 2

Snow business

With new maps, we can always expect to find new contracts, and season 6 is no stranger to this. You’ll find contracts to get each of your new garages up and running, plus you’ll be running jobs for Dusty Woodwork and Yellowrock Forestry. These contracts will see you making risky deliveries through both the mud and snow, as the terrain here varies quite a bit. The Lowlands isn’t blanketed entirely by snow, so you’ll need to plan ahead so that your truck can handle both types of terrain.

You’ll also be helping to get a sawmill started, as well as reviving a fuel station, so there’s a lot to see here. With this, year 2 of SnowRunner is half-complete, as two more seasons, each with their own new maps and tracks, are on the way. The game was quite large at launch, but with all of the additional maps, it’s just kind of ridiculous, offering potentially hundreds of hours of playtime for anyone attempting to do everything. But now players get to carefully navigate around trees and mountainous Maine terrain, which makes for a notably unique experience. For what it’s worth, I didn’t notice any Stephen King references while playing, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for at least one.

Snowrunner Season 6 Overview 3


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