Snowrunner Season 8 Grand Harvest Ofc1

SnowRunner – Season 8 will have you plowing some fields

Seeds of horsepower.

The world of SnowRunner expands ever more with the arrival of Season 8. This new release brings with it a new expansion, three new vehicles, and more. Dubbed “Grand Harvest,” this latest season of the off-road driving sim will have you bringing the failing farms of a countryside settlement back to life. With Season 8, SnowRunner now attains its second big expansion so far.

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Grand Harvest is a return to form of sorts, taking the series back to the rural, rugged areas. There are four “massive” maps laden in the summertime heat. Your task is to bring the farming infrastructure back up to par so the surrounding fields can finally start yielding some crops. What makes this new season so interesting is that, rather than just simply restoring the rundown infrastructure, players will actually get down into the grime and put in some field hours themselves.


New gameplay features such as sowing seeds, plowing fields, and more are all a part of this new content package for SnowRunner. The new vehicles are dedicated to the task, including two tractors for field operations, and a heavy duty truck to help haul around loads.

Great field yields

Personally, I’ve said for years that I wished Giant Software would take a page out of Saber Interactive’s playbook as it relates to mimicking the authentic physics simulation of MudRunner/SnowRunner in Farming Simulator. The fact that Season 8 of SnowRunner is entirely dedicated to its farming theme while also offering complete farming gameplay, makes the comparisons that much more direct.

Looking beyond the fields, this marks the end of Year 2 for SnowRunner content updates.

Saber has mentioned that more news about Year 3 will soon be released within the coming months. It will be released across four phases, including the addition of “new vehicles, maps, add-ons and more!”

Snowrunner Season 8 Grand Harvest Ofc2

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