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SnowRunner enters its third year of support with the start of its Year 3 Season Pass. The first entry is the SnowRunner Season 9 expansion, dubbed Renew & Rebuild. With this expansion, players will play a part in a great restoration operation as a sector of Ontario, Canada reels from significant wildfires.

In the Renew & Rebuild expansion, players are tasked with various jobs to get the surrounding areas of Ontario back into a habitable state. This involves missions such as clearing logs, securing damaged buildings, and delivering fresh materials to renovate burnt infrastructures.

The new region of Ontario, Canada features two maps: Albany River and Burnt Forest. Both are 4 km² in size, and feature a mix of off-road sections and paved surfaces. There aren’t any snowy areas to drive over, as the expansion is set during the summer.

Red skies

What this expansion does have is two new vehicles. It includes the Derry Special 15C-177, a fire truck with great off-road capabilities and performance, and the ZiKZ 566A, which sports a variety of different add-ons to help fill various roles. Both vehicles will play key parts in helping players to bring Albany River and Burnt Forest back from the devastating wildfires.

In the new overview trailer for Season 9, we get a look at the charred region and seeing how the different rescue activities are carried out.

Back into the wild

The latest expansion is the first of a total of four seasons coming to SnowRunner Year 3. Fix & Connect and Lights & Cameras will follow later this year, with Year 3’s final season, Season 12, simply labeled as an “Expansion.”

Renew & Rebuild can be purchased on its own as standalone DLC for SnowRunner ($6.99 USD), or can be nabbed as part of the Year 3 Season Pass. SnowRunner and all of its DLC is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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