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Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive recently revealed that their venerable off-roading sim SnowRunner is finally coming to Steam on May 18. But, that’s not the only thing that’s happening with the game that day. It has now also been revealed that SnowRunner players both existing and new will get to enjoy the new content of Season 4—the Amur Oblast update.

The new Season 4 update contains the “largest addition to SnowRunner yet.” Amur Oblast is the new area set in Russia, and is a collection of four maps that are 4 square kilometers in size. The individual zones are Urska River, the Cosmodrome, Northern Aegis Installation and Chernokamensk.


The entire collection is centered around the theme of exploring the area surrounding a rocket assembly workshop. Alongside are features like an abandoned city, factory and village, a rocket launchpad, and a semi-abandoned fuel processing facility. The overall job is to roam through the different zones to “rehabilitate an old rocket launch site” and “rebuild the various buildings and infrastructure needed to make the launch site operational again.” Of course, there will also be the massive job of rebuilding the rocket itself.

Snowrunner New Amur Oblast Season 4

More than meets the eye

In addition to the new maps, the SnowRunner Season 4 update also includes two new vehicles: the ZiKZ 605-R and Khan 317 Sentinel. These trucks are accompanied by three new truck sins and two new trailers.

As if this wasn’t already a deluge of new content to enjoy, there’s one more thing that SnowRunner has in store. For players who find themselves getting frostbite and want to turn up the heat a bit, the new update will include a free feature for all: Hard Mode. The developers haven’t detailed exactly what this will entail, but more info is coming “later on.”

Snowrunner View From Above

As someone who just started to play the game again after leaving it for the last few months, I’ve already been done dirty by its tricky terrain and limited fuel. Thus, I really don’t want to imagine what hair-pulling experience the new Hard Mode is going to create. On a lighter note, however, there are two more minor additional freebies include four new trials and five hood ornaments.

SnowRunner customers who own the season pass (included in the premium edition) will have access to the new Amur Oblast immediately. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay extra to enjoy it.

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