Snowrunner United We Drive Trailer Feature

It doesn’t outright state it, but SnowRunner‘s latest trailer pays homage to the millions of truckers around the world still delivering important supplies in the midst of a global pandemic. The trailer starts out with a somber voicemail from a family member to an unnamed driver. Then it adds on an equally somber tune while showing various vehicles deal with the hazardous terrain of SnowRunner. It’s a nice trailer, especially considering that COVID-19 has shown us all how important these workers are to our modern society.

Open world challenges

We’ve covered SnowRunner before and talked about some of the new challenges you will face, such as fast-moving rivers and ice. However, the new trailer hits a little harder when you see a truck topple off a bridge or violently wreck. There are a lot of hazardous environments to contend with, too. The game will feature 30 square kilometers of open-world wilderness, full of dozens of missions that you can complete in any order you want. You can choose from a variety of real-world vehicles from various manufacturers such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Caterpillar. Make sure that you pick the right vehicle and plan ahead, though.

The open world is gorgeous. Driving simulators such as European Truck Simulator and its American counterpart have always been relaxing. While SnowRunner will surely have a lot of tense moments, the beautiful autumn and winter scenery seems like a great way to spend some free hours during quarantine. As long as you’re not toppling off of a bridge, that is.

Snowrunner United We Drive Trailer

SnowRunner together

In addition, you can grab up to three of your buddies and go conquer the wilderness together. Having someone around to winch you out of a muddy bank might just come in handy. On the other hand, it might devolve into some seriously funny Top Gear shenanigans. Either way works for me.

SnowRunner releases on the Epic Games Store on April 28 for $39.99.

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