Jon Hare and the Combo Breaker studio will be launching Sociable Soccer into Early Access a bit later than planned. Originally due out today, the release has now been pushed back one week to 19 October.

This is a really late in the day delay, attributed in the announcement to “a last minute bump in the road”. They add “with confidence” that the game will be available next week.

“The team is extremely disappointed that you won’t be able to play the game today but feel the wait will be worth it. Please hang in there with us, as we close in on releasing the first chapter of the greatest arcade football action game you’ve ever played,” they add.

There’s a fair bit of expectation around Sociable Soccer from those hoping for a proper, modern day equivalent to Sensible Soccer (developed by Jon Hare’s former colleagues at Sensible Software). Or, if not that, a high quality arcade alternative to the FIFA and PES options out there.

Over on their Early Access page, Combo Breaker estimate that the game will be in EA for around four months. It’ll be launching without one specific game mode (a collectible card type online mode), online multiplayer (that’s a big absence, sadly), or a managerial mode; all of which are due to be included for full launch. However, here’s a list of what they do anticipate will be in from next week.

– Fast, slick, ultra-responsive gameplay with intuitive game controls
– Play with a variety of control methods & cameras, including THAT camera angle
– Over 1,000 fully researched club & international teams
– Over 30,000 players (each with his own player card)
– Local Multiplayer Mode (Online Multiplayer on its way very soon)
– Loads of formations and tactics options to fine tune your team
– 67 full international, real world football leagues, cups and tournaments
– Boss Mode: Upgrade your boss character by winning international trophies with clubs from around the world (minimum 100 hours campaign)

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