Sociable Soccer VR mode revealed

Sociable Soccer VR mode revealed

This morning the Sociable Soccer team posted a picture which comes with the caption “Play like a god”. VR mode has now been confirmed and it’s just another reason to get excited for this Sensible Soccer reboot.

“Yes we can confirm that VR will be supported when Sociable Soccer is released early next year. That smiling dude on the pic below is Amar Djouad, our art director, and he is smiling because playing a great football game hovering above the pitch like a god feels amazing.”

sociable soccer

Whether you’re a football fan or not, Sensi played like nothing else and we have very high hopes for this reboot of an absolute classic. Playing it in VR and towering above the pitch should be an interesting experience.


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  • TonySoprano

    this vr bullshit invasion, already bored of it

    • Sociable Soccer

      Yep. It’s just an additional mode. We’re not building the game around it.

  • Zig

    If this works like real life football, ie look at an area of play field before commiting to the long pass/cross, it could work well, especially when playing around with edited non-standard tactics and positioning (if these are included, like they were in swos).